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Sep 25, 2012 10:27 PM by Steven Albritton

St. Landry Superintendent Decision Pushed Back, No Reschedule Set

Wednesday was supposed to be the day a new leader for the St. Landry Parish School System would be selected. But that decision for all five candidates will have to wait. The candidates were informed by phone that the meeting was pushed back--but details of why weren't given out.

"All I know is what I read, that it's an allegation. So I don't know what actually happened," Dr. Charles Michel said.

"You have to be fair about it. You have to wait until all of the information and the facts come out before you can draw any conclusions," Dr. Daniel Rawls said.

William Duplechain chose not to comment on the situation and Edward Brown could not be reached.
Both Charles and Rawls were disappointed by what they heard. They say it just proves to them that leadership is needed to lead this school system in the right direction.

"Obviously if anything like this happened I'd be greatly disappointed," Michel said, "but I think it just exemplifies that fact that they need to have some continuity put in place in the leadership so that, that leadership can help the board make decisions."

Rawls echoed that sentiment.

"It's sad that they've had such negative publicity. It seems like they've been snake bit sometimes but I think whoever they get will bring some calmness to the situation and I think it will get much better."



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