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Mar 11, 2013 11:58 PM by Steven Albritton

St. Landry School Board Member May Not Be Eligible For Position

According to the Secretary of State, under Louisiana law convicted felons need to wait 15 years after their sentence to run for office again. The only exceptions are pardons from the Governor or President. Quincy Richard doesn't have either. When a candidate decides to run for off they sign up at their local clerk of court office. After that, it's essentially the candidates word that they're eligible.

"They call it qualifying, but they really should call it registration because you sign an affidavit, which Mr. Richard did and all other candidates including myself sign when we run, saying we are qualified to run for that position," St. Landry Parish Clerk of Court Charles Jagneaux said, "You have ten days in which those candidates can be challenged by a registered voter from the district for the office they're running for. In Mr. Richard's case and in the gentlemen in Krotz Springs, no one challenged their qualifications. "

Quincy Richard denied an on camera interview, but off camera, he says he thought having this record expunged was enough. When asked if he would resign, he said quote, "i'm not a fighter, I'm a winner."

For now, Jagneaux doesn't see any reform on the way.

"I have mixed emotions about that because the system has worked in the past and it makes everyone a citizen soldier, so to speak, to make sure the laws are enforced." Jagneaux said.

St. Landry Parish District Attorney Earl Taylor says there is no formal investigation happening on Richard's eligibility. A formal request must be submitted for that to happen.



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