Feb 17, 2010 7:22 PM by Jon Carrere

St. Landry Man Holding On For Life

A hole in her fence will serve as a lasting memory for Alida Howard.

"When I first saw what was going on I though how did this man get on the other side of this fence," says Howard.

She says it was her husband who first spotted the man behind their home.

What disturbed her was what the man was having to deal with while holding onto the fence....two people were making matters worse.

"They were using a lot of profanity toward the elderly man.  They weren't poking him with a stick or anything, they were just making fun of him."

Howard said she had enough so she called 911.

When police arrived the man still would not let go of the fence fearing he would fall back into the water.

Howard's husband came outside and cut a hole in the fence so the man could crawl through.

"I told him let me call the apartment manager cause I don't want to get in trouble by you cutting this fence.  He said this is an emergency situation forget this fence.

The elderly man was treated for mild hypothermia and was given three stitches.

He was released from the hospital the next day.


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