Mar 20, 2011 11:21 PM by Chris Welty

Spring is Here!

Spring is officially underway, and it's a time when gorgeous weather looms and budding flowers bloom. KATC'S Chris Welty talked with some of the busiest folks this time of year, gardeners.

"I just love what God has created here. All these beautiful flowers. I just like to show them off." Terrie Reagle an avid gardener can typically be found perfecting her landscaping on the weekends. "I go crazy when I see flowers." Regale says she can spend a whole day in the yard and it's not easy work, but she loves what she does. "Back get really dirty, and you can't keep nice nails put it to you that way. I don't like wearing gloves because I like to feel the dirt."

Kennis Pippin, Owner of the Garden Center in Lafayette says the first step to perfecting your garden after winter is to make sure all the weeds are out and that you have good dirt. "When you go to work it, you can actually put your hands into the soil and if you can turn the soil with your fingers than that's light and fluffy soil right there. If you can't, you need to add peat to it and a little top soil to get it worked up nice and fluffy because your plants are only as good as the soil they are in."

Pippin says that the weather is a huge factor in determining if people will put their green thumbs to use. "For the first time in Louisiana two winters in a row we've had long winters so it has made our spring times phenomenal so i think they are just anxious to get out and enjoy this gorgeous weather."



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