St. Mary

Apr 6, 2013 9:48 PM

Speed Radar Proposal Rejected in Patterson

PATTERSON, La. (AP) - An ordinance that would have allowed police to use handheld radar units to catch speeders without having to chase vehicles has been rejected by the Patterson City Council. The Daily Review reports the ordinance was introduced in February. The handheld radar units would have made it possible for officers to catch speeders by pointing the radar unit at a speeding vehicle, while taking a photo of the vehicle and registering the speed of the vehicle.
Officers would not have to chase vehicles at high speeds, reducing the danger of crashes, Police Chief Patrick LaSalle said. Officers still would have the option to stop speeders, he said. The ordinance would have made the speeding violation captured with the laser radar units a civil violation instead of a criminal violation. Speeding is a criminal violation when an officer stops a vehicle and writes the driver a ticket. Mayor Rodney Grogan said in an email that "if the proposed ordinance was cleaned up and a better collection process is established, one could try it once again. But it would be a big gamble."


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