Dec 24, 2009 7:59 PM by Sarah Rosario

South Gueydan Torn to Bits By Tornando, Residents Speak Up

An EF2 Tornado ripped through Vermilion Parish in the town of Gueydan around 8am this morning.

Those who live just south of the city are now left without electricity and running water. Some are even without a house. "I heard a noise and it sounded like a freight train going through," said Gueydan resident Donna Breaux. Her house was pulled from its foundation by the tornado and relocated to the yard. "It only last a few seconds and then I jumped up and started looking around and crying," she said.

That's when the neighbors stepped in. "I pulled the shades up and saw the Breaux's house and called 911," said neighbor Janet Simon. The roof from the Breaux's house landed on her yard.

Deany Smith was in his outside kitchen getting ready to cook Christmas dinner when it happened. "The tornado came right down on me and blew the whole roof off of the kitchen," he said. Afterwards, repairs began immediately. Everyone said they're not going to let the tornado ruin their Christmas.

DEANY SMITH Gueydan Resident
"its going to be as merry as we can make it, we're gonna cook," said Smith. "Its Christmas eve, everything is gone so just pick up the pieces and start over I guess," said Breaux. "We're just all here and we're alive, that's the main thing. Christmas or whatever, we'll be together," said Simon

Fire officials say Slemco has been out all day working on the power lines. They hope to have electricity up and running by the end of the day.

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