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Nov 27, 2012 12:06 AM by Alex Labat

Sonnier Family Eager for Justice

"Maybe her flame burned so brightly...she just couldn't escape heaven's attention", says Cathy Sonnier...who's mourning the loss of her 22-year-old daughter Rachael.

When asked to describe her daughter, Sonnier says, "There's not enough adjectives to describe my daughter...fierce, independent, loyal, loving, dutiful, responsible, ambitious, happy, joyful."

She and Rachael were mother and daughter...but also but of friends.
Rachael's three-year-old son Caiden is now without a mom.

While the family grieves over the accident, which killed Rachael, they're also left with questions.
Questions about the other driver in the crash, Fred Dutton Jr., who police say was drinking and caused the crash, but hasn't been charged with vehicular homicide.

The hardest part of the grieving process for the Sonnier's is the waiting for an answer.
Cathy Sonnier says, "The waiting on the blood work is the thing I don't understand...why does it take so long?"

We took those concern to District Attorney Mike Harson.
Harson says the key the process is being patient, saying, "Police have to do their investigation. They may have to take several statements from witnesses, they may be waiting for scientific analysis, they may be waiting for a whole number of things that may take a month or two to complete. Until they complete their report and get it to us their's nothing for anybody to do up until that that's why you're going to see some delay between the incident and the time of any formal charges.

Rachel's mother hopes that her daughter's death raises awareness to the dangers of drinking and driving...and urges others to think before they drink.

Sonnier pleads that, "I am destroyed inside...and it's a destruction that will never heal. Don't make another mother like me".



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