Nov 14, 2012 4:43 PM by Natalie Noah

Some Frost Possible By Morning

Another chilly/cold overnight and early start Thursday.  Temps expected near freezing well north of Acadiana.  However, if winds become calm along and north of I-10 some of us could see frost a few hours before sunrise.  Generally, north of I-10 will dip in the mid to upper 30s while south of I-10 should fall near or just above 40F.  If you get cold easily, keep those layers handy!


Its that time of year where we need to think about cold nights for our outdoor animals and our outdoor plants.  Animal should have shelter to help keep them a little warmer overnight.  Looks like we won't have to worry about water bowls freezing tonight, however...this is a possibility during the winter months.  Keep this in mind when leaving your animal outdoors.  If you have potted plants sensitive to cold temps, gather them in one area outside.  Drive stakes into each plant higher than the plant itself.  Put a breathable cloth on top of the plants.  This should help tremendously from frost building onto the plant.


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