Oct 10, 2012 6:46 PM by Jenise Fernandez

SLCC Students Waiting on Financial Aid, Computer Glitch is to Blame

The semester is half over and students at South Louisiana Community College are still waiting on financial aid. A full-time student, Rachel Stephens relies solely on financial aid to pay for her classes at SLCC. With midterms wrapping up, Stephens has yet to receive any aid.

"There's a lot of complaints a lot of frustration. Every day the financial aid office is open, there's a line of people waiting," said Stephens.

Stephens usually gets about $2300 a semester. Because she hasn't received any aid, she can't afford to buy books. Now, her grades are slipping.

"Anything that I am being able to learn is strictly lecture based and when you're having to miss classes to sit with financial aid, it's hurting the learning process," she added.

Students at the SLCC Abbeville campus, which was once Acadiana Technical College, are also frustrated. They're sitting and waiting, wondering when the aid will be processed.

"It's not like we've been waiting a couple of weeks, it's been like this since the beginning of the semester," said Andrea Lorenz

"I'm not sitting at home just collecting dust. I am trying to get a better job and give a better life for my children," said Crystal Olivier.

SLCC Chancellor, Natalie Carter, says this is a problem that all technical and community colleges are facing throughout the state.

"All two-year institutions implemented a new software system and we've had bugs. That's primarily the contributor to why there's a backup in financial aid," said Carter.

The chancellor says all the bugs have been worked out and students should have received their financial aid Wednesday morning. If not, they should contact the financial aid office.



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