Show me the Money

May 19, 2009 5:00 PM

Show Me the Money: Single Parents Savings

Jessica Atilano is a single mom with two young boys. Their father has never been in the picture, and that means Jessica raises Daniel and Julian by herself. From making bed to cleaning the kitchen, it's a routine she's accustomed to.

The 27-year-old recently landed a full-time job as a respiratory therapist. While she was getting her degree she discovered some interesting ways to cut back on the family's expenses. It's what works for her and what may work for you.

The three live in a two-bedroom apartment, they don't have cable and rarely spend money on any extras. She even cuts their hair herself. But Jessica tries hard to be sure her boys don't miss out on the little things, for example, she takes them to the movies but only on 'dollar night' where the three share a soda. And she saves some of the gifts they receive from family and friends, "They get so many toys from their birthdays, Christmas; that I don't let them open all their boxes at once because they get so many--we put it away some boxes that aren't opened up and when they want to open a new toy I'll let them," she said.

Jessica has considered other cost cutting measures including disconnecting her cell phone, a move that would save her up to $1200 a year. Getting a home phone installed could cost her as little as $10 a month. News 4 also suggested keeping an envelope with cash and restricting herself to only spending what's in the envelope, allowing her to keep a close on her spending, "That's probably something I should do cause I use my debit everywhere I go," she said.

She's a single mom who works hard to cut back just as long as she can keep a smile on her sons' faces.


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