Show me the Money

Apr 27, 2009 7:41 PM

Show Me the Money: Selling Video Games

If you have some old video games taking up space in your home, you might be sitting on a gold mine.

These days, vintage games are a hot commodity. Nintendo and Super Nintendo cartridges go fast. "Those games used to cost a lot of money back in the day, like 60, 50 bucks, but now you can get em for like a dollar, two dollars," said old school gamer Matthew Dixon.

Play N Trade store owner Jeff Pearson loves to buy Nintendo games for resale because they're always in high demand. He also says the vintage game consoles can get big bucks. "I gave a guy 250 bucks for a Nintendo that was still in the box, still in the wrapper," said Pearson.

With the downturn in the economy, the option of selling old games and consoles is gaining popularity. "I'm currently struggling through money problems of my own, can't get a job, waiting for student loans, sometimes I brought in a game and I got 25 bucks for one game, other times I brought a game in and I got 5," said gamer Harper Moe.

"It's worth it if you don't want the games," said Play N Trade customer Patrick Prejean.

When it comes to selling, not all games are created equal. Sports titles may only bring in 10 cents. "Role playing games, RPGs tend to hold their value the most," said Pearson. Some RPGs are worth 15 or 20 dollars, the fair market value for Resident Evil 5 is 30 bucks.


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