Show me the Money

May 1, 2009 12:33 PM

Show Me The Money: Online Surveys For Cash

Earning extra money in your spare time might not be as hard as you think. There are a lot of small jobs you can do from home-- including filling out online surveys, which can turn clicks into cash.

When Cody Cassidy isn't grading papers-- his inbox piles up with offers to fill out online surveys. "I've never done them, but I've been invited to," he says.

Cassidy thinks it seems too much like a scam. "They seem to easy: you open the email and they say they'll pay you to do the survey," he says.

But it's a popular way market research firms are trying to get your opinion on everything.

Rawn Shah conducts research for his company. "Generally we're trying to get a sense of things you can't collect immediately." Shaw has commissioned some online surveys-- they're just easier than doing it the old fashioned way. "I've done paper surveys and the data is so mind boggling dull," he says.

But as a consumer to you ever really get anything out of it? Rawn filled out an online survey for a college several months ago, and won in i-Phone. "I filled it out, they basically put our names in a lottery and two of us won. I was one of them-- the only thing I've ever won in my life," he says.

You can sign up for the surveys at various websites. Then they send you links to several surveys each day. Some pay a dollar or two-- others enter your name into a drawing for a prize-- like how Rawn won his i-phone.

"It's giving back really is why I do the survey than earning the money," he says. It's a few clicks of the mouse, which can lead to a few bucks in your pocket. How much you make doing the surveys depends if you qualify for them. Again, how much you make depends on how many surveys you fill out-- but an extra $20-30 per week isn't unheard of.



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