Show me the Money

Apr 28, 2009 7:34 PM

Show Me The Money: How To Get Free Tuition

UL Lafayette freshman nursing student Jasmine Savoie feels overwhelmed when she thinks about how she's going to pay for her education. "I can't afford college, it's too expensive for me and I really need the money," said Savoie. She's not alone. Many students wish they could get help, but don't know where to look.

"I really wish that I knew more about those scholarships that are out there because I didn't feel like there were available," said student Jolie Williamson.

But according to Lafayette scholarship expert Dan Rosenfield, there's plenty of money out there. "There is in fact a lot of money out there and lots of folks assume that they're not going to qualify because they're middle class," said Rosenfield.

Rosenfield is the creator of, which links you to 65 free online scholarship match sites. He says there's millions of dollars available for just about anyone.

"You may win a scholarship because of a disease that you have, you may win a scholarship because your mom or dad is in a particular fraternal organization. You may apply for a scholarship because you will agree not to use tobacco or alcohol while you're in college," said Rosenfield.

There's scholarships if you're going into a particular field, even some if you're tall. "It seems to good to be true, but its not too good to be true," said Rosenfield.

If you want athletic scholarships, site is broken down by state and school, with contact information for coaches.

Getting free money may involve some work... essays, transcripts, even letters of recommendation, but that work could pay off with scholarships ranging from one thousand dollars to full tuition.



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