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Jun 14, 2011 8:07 AM by Jenise Fernandez

Shooting in Crowley

Shortly after 4am, police responded to a shooting at 1817 J D Miller Street in Crowley. A young woman was shot twice by her boyfriend, once in the upper torso and once on the arm. Police say the person of interest is Patrick Guillory. Guillory is on the run and police are in the process of obtaining a warrant for his arrest.
Police say Guillory entered through the back of the house, that's when the young woman ran out. Guillory chased her down the street and shots were fired.
She was transported to a Lafayette hospital with severe injuries. No update yet on her status.
KATC spoke with neighbors and her cousin. They say Guillory and the young woman have had issues in the past and fought a lot. Her cousin, Sandra Malveaux told KATC that the neighborhood is usually very quiet and nothing like this ever happens. She described the victim as a very sweet girl who never got into trouble.


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