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Apr 23, 2012 11:54 PM by Shawn Kline

Sheriff ready to take over for police department

Sheriff Bobby Guidroz says the Arnaudville Police Chief isn't doing his job and the Sheriff has already offered to take over the police department.

Here are some reasons why:

There have been two shootings this year in the city of just over a thousand residents. Guidroz says in at least one incident, the police department filed warrants incorrectly and now, the accused shooter is back on the streets. That's just the latest of the disagreements between the Arnaudville Police Chief and Sheriff Guidroz.

The Sheriff says unlike other small communities in the parish, Arnaudville is the only one that doesn't ask for any kind of assistance.

"If you want to be a Chief of Police that rides around in a car and smokes a cigar and draws a salary doing nothing and let the people reelect you every four years, that's easy to do," Sheriff Guidroz said. "If you're going to be an effective law enforcement leader then you have to be able to lead people and tell them what to do and how to do it."

The Sheriff's frustrations with Arnaudville Police Chief Richard Mizzi come out over what he calls botched cases.

"I want these bad guys to be put in jail," Guidroz said. "We want a good solid case against somebody and if Arnaudville can't make a solid case, then let me handle it."

The case the Sheriff is specifically referring to is a recent drive-by shooting pointed at a town alderman's home. A judge released the suspect without bond because of, according to the Sheriff, sloppy paperwork filed by Arnaudville Police.

"I understand they called for him three or four times and he didn't come to the scene," Sheriff Guidroz said of Chief Mizzi in that situation. "For what reason? I don't know, maybe he was out of town."

That's where Chief Mizzi was on Monday afternoon at least, when we called him: out of town in Mississippi.

In a phone conversation, KATC's Shawn Kline asked why this case appeared to be mismanaged. Mizzi said he has no comment at this time regarding what the Sheriff thinks.

"He is entitled to his own opinion," Mizzi said.

Sheriff Guidroz on the other hand, says he's ready to do the work himself.

"If (the council) wants to sit and talk with the Sheriff, we could do that," Guidroz said. "We could save them some money."

Dissolving the police department is a possibility too and, as the Sheriff mentioned, it would save Arnaudville some money but town aldermen say they would have to wait until the chief's term is up in another two years.



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