Aug 4, 2011 11:55 PM by Shawn Kline

Senators, Reps hear concerns over Chicot aquifer, Lake Peigneur

Lake Peigneur is at the center of debate once again but this time, it could affect your drinking water.
These concerns were heard by state senators and representatives Thursday night in New Iberia.

The worst case scenario? The water runs dry.

"Then you'll have the salt water intrusion and the contamination." Iberia Parish resident, Nara Crowley says, "that will all happen."

AGL, a natural gas facility expands their storage around Lake Peigneur.
The plan is to take water from the region's main water supply- the Chicot aquifer.

When asked if there's any reason for concern, AGL's Richard Hyde said, "no."

"If there was any reason for concern, we wouldn't be going forward," Hyde said.

AGL however, wants more research done on this issue.

Already, agents with the US Geological Survey say losing clean water from the aquifer is highly unlikely.

"Because of all the agriculture use, because of all the industries coming in, because of salt water intrusion, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered," State Senator Fred Mills said.

Senator Mills sits on the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality. After hearing all sides of the story, Mills and the committee says the evidence is stacked against the gas facility.

The final decision is up to the Department of Natural Resources but Mills says this committee of senators and representatives will make sure everyone's concerns are heard.



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