Oct 22, 2010 12:23 PM by Letitia Walker

Search for the Serval Continues in Youngsville

Update : According to animal control, the bait left in the traps for the serval has not been touched. That's a good thing according to officials there. They say it means either the animal was just passing through or the owner saw the newscast and retrieved their pet. Animal Control will continue monitoring the area through the weekend, but there have been no new sightings since yesterday. As a precaution, Green T. Lindon is still restricting their students from going outside for recess or P.E.
What is believed to be a serval cat is lurking through Youngsville neighborhoods.

Law enforcement and paramedics were called after a Youngsville Police officer spotted the animal this morning. The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office contacted Wildlife and Fisheries to assist Youngsville P.D in the search.

The public is asked not the approach the animal. Animal control workers are hoping to lure it into a trap.

The search for the elusive animal has prompted one school to change its daily routine. Students at Green T. Lindon Elementary are securely in classrooms. Normally they would have PE and recess, but that's all canceled that for today, according to Principal Gina Cahee.

Officals are getting several tips from various neighborhoods, including 4th Street, Fortune Road and Verot School Road in the Youngsville area.

KATC contacted the Zoo of Acadiana. Spokesperson Leigh Coletti said all their large cats are accounted for. They do not have cheetahs, but they do have a leopard and serval cats.

Zoo owners Matthew and George Olbenburg are participating in the search to help identify the animal if they can find it.



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