Feb 6, 2013 11:58 PM by Steven Albritton

School Board Votes To Rescind Hire From Last Year, Coopers' Choice Will Keep Job

Wednesday night, the Lafayette Parish School Board addressed one of Superintendent Pat Cooper's recent hires. The person in question doesn't meet the minimum job qualifications. The position is the special assistant to the superintendent, who oversees facilities, maintenance, grounds and transportation. The hire was approved last year by the school board, but it turns out he doesn't have a high school diploma which is a requirement for the position.

The board decided to re-visit this hire, but it doesn't make a difference. The school board does not have the power to hire or fire. Only the superintendent can make those decisions.

Initially, Dr. Cooper wanted to amend the job description for the position, but he pulled that item when the school board decided to re-visit their decision from March of 2012. By a vote of 5 to 4, the board voted to take back the approval they gave for the position. Since Cooper is the only one with the power to hire and fire, he stands by his decision to hire the man in question.

"The board has set precedent in the past about hiring people who didn't have all of the qualifications, but the point with this gentlemen is he is qualified. He may not have the degree, but he is qualified for this job," Dr. Cooper said.




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