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Nov 30, 2010 7:27 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Sarah Palin Stops in Baton Rouge

Sarah Palin spent a few hours in Baton Rouge today promoting her new book.
Supporter Darlene Knight said, "there are a lot of Americans interested in getting our country back where it needs to be."
More than 700 fans showed up at Books-A-Million to meet Palin in person.
Fan Jenny Kirk said, "I'm a little nervous because I watched Dancing with the Stars and saw her daughter and caught a bit of her show. It's just exciting that she is here in Louisiana, all the way here from Alaska."
Pam crane added "I got here at 5:15 in the morning. They wouldn't let us into the parking lot until 6 am., but as soon as they opened up the parking lot, I put my chair out there."
Crane was one of the first to have her book signed. She says it's a meeting she'll never forget.
"I said you keep up the good work and she says well I got your back and you've got my back and I said, just keep up the good work, we need you."
Supporter Rosalynn Landes came wearing her Palin pride.
She said, "I think she's the future of our country. I think we want down-to-earth people running the country, no more elite politicians with degrees from Harvard, from Yale. She's just one of us."
Some people made new friends while waiting outside the store, but others decided to dive right into Palin's book.
One fan said, "I read her book. That's all I had to do. I mean the book is good."
Landes said she's clinging on tight to her copy of the book--hoping one day it'll be the work of a president.


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