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Sep 26, 2012 10:08 PM by Maddie Garrett

Runoff Likely in District 3 Congressional Race

The candidates for Congressional House District 3 all spoke at a forum Wednesday night in Crowley. It's one of the most interesting and hotly contested races Louisiana has seen, with two Republican incumbents and a Democrat entering late in the race to mix things up. KATC's Political Analyst Dr. Pearson Cross said at this point, it's still anyone's game.

"I absolutely think there's going to be a runoff, the question is who's going to be in the run off," said Cross.

There's no question about who the biggest contenders are: Incumbents Jeff Landry and Charles Boustany. Cross said lesser known Bryan Barrilleaux and Jim Stark probably won't draw too much of the vote in November. But it's the final candidate, Democrat Ron Richard, that could keep either Boustany or Landry from getting 50 percent of the vote needed for a solid win on election day.

"The late entry of Richard into the race has complicated things and has certainly thrown Boustany for a loop because he was counting on all those democrats voting for him. So it's, right now it's anybody's race frankly," explained Cross.

Cross said the runoff could be between Boustany and Landry, or one of the two against Richard. He said either way, a Republican will win. But which Republican will have a ripple effect in Congress.

"Landry is very much a no-play kind of Tea Party, no spending, deficit reduction Republican. Boustany is also quite conservative, but he's more establishment, he already has a powerful sub-committee chair, he is locked in with John Boehner to a certain extent so there is a difference there," said Cross.

Cross added that Landry is gaining ground on Boustany with recent endorsements and support from the Tea Party. But that doesn't mean he's moving ahead in polls.

"Now Boustany, that being said, has quite an advantage but certainly I think he's feeling the heat a little bit from the Landry campaign," said Cross.



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