Sep 24, 2009 6:19 PM by Rob Kirkpatrick

Rosie Ledet Will Not Be Charged In Baby Death In Acadia Parish

UPDATE: Rosie Ledet will not face any charges in the death of a baby she left in a shed in July.

Acadia Parish District Attorney Mike Harson says he has reviewed the case and finds there is no sufficient evidence inidicating foul play. However, Harson says he is not closing the case in the event futher information surfaces.


A decision could soon be made about the baby that was born in Acadia Parish. The Allen Parish District Attorney is expected to decide whether charges will be filed within the week.

Rosie Ledet could be charged with unlawful disposal of human remains. She's accused of giving birth to a still born baby in Acadia Parish then placing the fetus in a shed in Allen Parish.
Any charges stemming from how the baby died would have to come from Acadia Parish.


OBERLIN, La. (AP) - The investigation into the death of a nearly full-term fetus found in a storage shed near Elton in July will be presented to the Allen Parish District Attorney's Office.

Peggy Kennedy, chief detective of the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office, said the body was allegedly left there for nearly a week by zydeco singer and musician Mary Rosie Ledet of Iota.

Kennedy said investigators are expected to turn over the investigation file and autopsy report by Friday. Kennedy said Ledet reportedly told police she had a miscarriage on July 1 in Iota, then wrapped the body in a blanket and rode with a bandmate to his home. There, she put the baby in a plastic container in the storage shed.

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