Mar 1, 2012 11:56 PM by Shawn Kline

Romero responds to council's decision to oppose him

Iberia Parish President Errol "Romo" Romero responds to a unanimous parish council decision to oppose him. This feud began before Romero even took office when he told nine employees, "you're fired."

The council is calling upon the Attorney General and the State Ethics Board to look into those actions. Then this week, Romero filed a 126-page complaint against District Attorney Phil Haney, raising the question whether Haney can represent council.

"He said there was a conflict but he kept calling council members and telling them what to do," Romero said.

Romero accuses the DA of playing puppet-master with parish council. It's the latest in a long-lasting feud going back to Romero's days as sheriff.

"It's been consistent," Romero said of Haney's actions. "That's just his evil ways and they're not changing."

The feud rekindled this year. Even before Romero took office, he handed nine pink-slips to parish employees.
Haney advised council to question whether Romero can do that without approval.

"Are you doing anything illegal?" KATC's Shawn Kline asked Romero.

"If i am, I'm not aware of it!"

Those pink-slips could lead to litigation but the DA can't represent council and the parish president at the same time, that would be a conflict of interest.
According to the Parish's home rule charter, the DA advises the parish council, parish president and all departments but Haney only removed himself from advising President Romero. He still advises parish council.

Romero says he'd like the DA to step aside.

"Let's each get our independent counselor and let's forget it," Romero said. "The election is over and let's help the people."

KATC reached out to Haney for a response to these accusations but the DA is not speaking to the media at this time.



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