Sep 30, 2011 7:14 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Residents Say Candidates are Taking Campaigning Too Far

You can't go anywhere in Lafayette without driving by some sort kind of political sign,
while it may not bother some, Lafayette resident Semha Brown said he's tired of it.

He said, "they block my view. It's hard to turn sometimes. It would be better if they put them more behind the sidewalks."

Lafayette Zoning Manager, Jim Parker, said signs are always allowed on private property, but signs placed on corner lots can not obstruct a driver's view.

He explained, "political signs as well as all other signs are prohibited in a thirty-foot sight triangle."

Brown said, "I'll be glad when they are gone."

Residents in St. Martin Parish said one clerk of court candidate actually went and placed a flier inside mailboxes. Many say it was an invasion of their privacy.

Herman Landry said, "I hate that they opened up my mailbox and they aren't supposed to do it at all."

It's against federal law and Landry said he wishes he would have been home when the candidate delivered the flier. He said he would have reported to the sheriff.

Here's a few other rules in Lafayette Parish-signs are not allowed on light poles or on public property. Also, in a residential area, a sign can not be larger than eight square feet and businesses can't have signs larger than 32 square feet.

If you think a sign might be misplaced , call the Department of Planning, Zoning and Codes to report it at (337) 291-8100.




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