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Nov 1, 2013 7:07 PM by Akeam Ashford

Residents Pick Up After Possible Tornado Hits The Area

Some Acadiana residents are cleaning up after yesterday's strong storms.

The storms created more than just a headache for kids trick-or-treating.

Home video from one of the residents affected, shows strong winds and heavy rains.

There was significant damage caused by the high winds.

According to KATC'S Rob Perillo, the storm could have been a tornado with winds reaching 70-75 mph.

Jeri LeJeune, who lives Collins Road, was inside her home. Her husband, who's disabled, was caught in the storm on the back porch.

"I was surprised! It sounded like a train, and before he could get to the door it happened," says LeJeune.

LeJeune's husband uses the ramp to get in their home. High winds split a tree in half, that sits along side the ramp, blocking the ramp and making it difficult for him to use.

"This is a hazard, because we go down it all the time, all the time. Even the steps got blown away," says LeJeune.

In the front of the house, winds ripped skirt siding and 30 feet of roofing off the house.

The LeJeune's called their insurance company to get a damage quote earlier today. They're told they'll have to wait until Sunday before anyone can come out and look at the damage.



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