Apr 4, 2011 11:33 PM by Maddie Garrett

Residents Cry Out for Better Security at Student Apts

A public outcry for better safety at a student apartment complex in Lafayette is growing louder this week after another armed robbery at Campus Edge Apartments.

New numbers released by the Lafayette Police Department show an extensive history of theft and burglary incidents, as well as requests for more police presence at the Campus Edge Apartments.

Crime Report - Past Six Months at Campus Edge:
-103 Patrol Requests
-11 Vehicle/Residence Burglaries
-10 Incidents of suspicious Activity
-3 Thefts

And those numbers don't even include the most recent armed robbery this past weekend, when two suspects held two female residents at gun point. The suspects then robbed the girls, sexually assaulted one of them and fired a shot in the apartment.

But this wasn't the first time something like this had happened at Campus Edge. In July 2010, another female resident was also robbed at gun point when she was coming home at night. The student doesn't want her identity revealed, but said Campus Edge needs to do more to keep it's residents safe.

"I think there should be security cameras because every person that has been robbed over there, like, no one's gotten caught from what I've heard. Like the guy that robbed me never got caught, the two guys that robbed the girls didn't get caught because you know they didn't have them on camera," said the student.

Campus Edge did release a statement Monday in response to KATC's questions. The Vice President of Marketing and Professional Development, Corky Gatewood, wrote:

"Unfortunately no apartment community can guarantee anyone's safety and security. When The Edge was developed, camera systems were not included; however we did add many other features to help deter crime such as deadbolt locks, door bells, peepholes in the entry doors and we off monitored intrusion alarms in every home. We also provide a courtesy service through a local, independent security company and we rely on our local police department."

Campus Edge also stated there will be a crime awareness meeting this Thursday at the complex's clubhouse with local police. But now some students, including the three recent armed robbery victims said they're too afraid to stay at Campus Edge.

"They know we don't have security cameras, they know we don't have gates, they know it's a very easy target. I think if they changed that it would scare the bad guys, I think it would help and prevent a lot of things from happening," said the student.



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