May 14, 2012 11:21 PM by Maddie Garrett

Rep. Landry Announces Re-Election Campaign, Will Face Rep. Boustany

Congressman Jeff Landry announced his campaign for re-election Monday night in Youngsville. He will now face fellow Congressman, Dr. Charles Boustany in an election this fall. The political battle is due to redistricting, after Boustany's and Landry's individual districts were combined to form the new District 3.

"If you're looking for your typical congressman, well, don't look at me, that's the other guy," said Landry in his speech Monday night.

Landry wasted no time taking jabs at his new opponent, right after announcing he will run for the newly combined District 3 seat.

"There are big big differences between me and my opponent, for one, I keep my promises," he said.

Boustany said he had expected the announcement and pointed out that he never wavered in his bid for re-election.

"Words come cheap, you've got to follow through with action. I've got a proud record that I will build on and we will highlight in the campaign," said Boustany.

Landry, already challenging that record by stating that Boustany, unlike himself, accepts congressional retirement. Landry also said that Boustany voted for a congressional pay raise during his speech.

"That's false," said Boustany. "The record's pretty clear on the votes, I've never voted for a congressional pay raise."

Landry also alleged that between the two of them, he is the true conservative.

"If there were no differences between Charles and I, I wouldn't be running," Landry said after his announcement. "If we don't send people to Washington that have a back bone and that will stand up, even to our own party leaders and say enough is enough, it won't work."

But Boustany won't take that kind of rhetoric sitting down.

"This is about trust, this is about who do you trust to represent this district, it's about character, it's about proven leadership, proven conservative leadership that's gotten the job done," said Boustany.

While Landry might have gotten off to a strong start Monday night, he's got a long road ahead. The new District 3 is made up of roughly 75% of Boustany's former district and he's already ahead of Landry in fundraising.



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