Jan 17, 2011 7:57 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Reflecting on Arizona Shootings in Wake of MLK Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is supposed to remind us of peace and equality, but the shooting last week have made us well-aware inequality and violence are still very much alive. The shooting in Tuscon, left six dead and 13 others injured including Congresswomen Gabrrielle Giffords.
Dr. Rick Swanson,University of Louisiana at Lafayette civil rights professor, said "as long as there are human beings, there's going to be crazy people and there is going to be violence. So a million Martin Luther Kings probably would not have prevented the shootings in Arizona."
Swanson said people feel shaken up right now, but that feeling will likely pass.
"The political climate has been shifted slightly, but it's only temporary," he said. "Anytime you have a tragedy like this people want to come together and mourn and put politics aside, but I'm afraid within a few weeks things will be back to normal."
Today, President Obama spent the holiday doing community service in Washington. After a painful week, he said it's good to remind ourselves of what this country is all about-equality and helping others. It's something he touched on during a speech last week, when he addressed the Arizona shooting.
He said, "an example of public servants like John Roll and Gabby Giffords who knew first and foremost that we are all Americans."
The president went onto say the American people are all one family-300 million strong. Swanson said on this holiday, it's important to remember that we all share common ground.
He explained, "if we could these irrational prejudices then we can then have a better more peaceful society."



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