Sep 14, 2011 2:54 AM by Jim Hummel

Redistricting Forces Malbreaux to Withdraw From Race

Due to population shifts in the 2010 census, council lines in Lafayette Parish were redrawn earlier this year.  That means some residents will find themselves in new council districts when the changes officially take effect in January.  Among the voters impacted by the changes, at least one candidate for public office.  

"I'm ineligible to run in District 1," said Susannah Johnson Malbreaux, who qualified last Thursday to run for the District 1 council seat in Lafayette Parish.  

However, once redistricting takes effect, Malbreaux will no longer live in District 1, she'll be in District 2, which would make her ineligible to represent District 1.  She says that change wasn't pointed out to her until a day after she qualified for the race.  

Malbreaux hopes her oversight will serve as a lesson to voters, to be aware of how the redistricting changes will affect them in the upcoming election.  

"Maybe it's happening to bring light to the fact that people need to be made aware to where there district is," she said.

Although the changes don't officially take effect until January, they are essentially in place for the elections in October and November.  Any voters whose council district is changing will need to vote in their new district and for candidates in that district.  The Registrar of Voters Office sent out new voter registration cards last month advising citizens of the changes because of redistricting.  


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