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Recap of Brandon Lavergne's Criminal History

This isn't Brandon Lavergne's first encounter with the law. He's a registered sex offender and was accused of domestic abuse, all before charges were brought against him in the Mickey Shunick case.
Brandon Lavergne was arrested in April 1999 for a sex crime. An 18-year-old woman claims he broke into her bedroom window while she was asleep. She says, he blindfolded her, tied her hands behind her back and forced her to perform oral sex. Lavergne doesn't deny meeting up with her that night, but has a different story. He says the victim told him to come over. In a sworn statement he says, "I admit (she) did perform oral sex on me and I admit I was there, but everything we did that night was totally consensual. We never had intercourse and a medical test should be able to prove that."
He ended up pleading guilty to aggravated oral sexual battery almost a year later in February of 2000. In another case, he's accused of domestic abuse. Lavergne married in September 1999, but the marriage only lasted a year. His ex-wife claimed Lavergne physically abused her, alleging Lavergne hit her on the head and tried to smother her. He was never convicted of domestic abuse charges. The couple divorced in October 2000, while he was in prison on the oral sexual battery charge.
He served eight years and was on probation until February this year. He's a registered sex offender for life, but recently tried to change his status, claiming when he committed the crime, there was no law that required him to register for life.Court documents say since Lavergne was released from prison he "has maintained a clean record." On July 5th, he was charged with aggravated kidnapping and first degree murder of Mickey Shunick. While Lavergne was serving time in prison, he was fighting his conviction, claiming ineffective counsel, illegal sentencing, and a violation of constitutional rights.He tried to appeal his conviction three times, but was denied each time.

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