Jul 5, 2011 11:19 PM by Maddie Garrett

Reaction to Casey Anthony Not-Guilty Verdict

Reaction to the not-guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial has been pouring in across Acadiana, many with mixed emotions.

"I think a lot of us thought that she was going to be proven guilty, so to see that she's not guilty is kind of a shock," said John Wolf.

"Yeah, I do think she was guilty, I think it's insane she was found innocent," said Jericah Boudreaux, another follower of the case.

Some people felt shock or surprise, others even anger, "She needs to be locked up, that they're letting a murderer go," answered Mark Triche when asked what he thought about the verdict.

Sandra West said she's not sure whether Anthony is guilty or innocent, "I'm not a juror and I sure would not want to have been a juror in that situation."

Emotions were running high Tuesday after Anthony was acquitted of all murder and child abuse charges.

"It's hard to miss it's everywhere. But I was shocked because the information that I did hear sounded like it would have had to been her," said Courtney Lanclos, Executive Director at Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (CASA) in Lafayette.

Lanclos said the story of the death of two-year-old Caylee Anthony and the 33 day trial was difficult to take in.

"You know on a personal level I want justice, we the public want just for this poor, innocent two year old," said Lanclos.

The highly publicized trial gained millions of followers, many who had pre-disposed opinions about the case. But now the questions remains, did the justice system work in this case for Caylee?

"Nobody knows what happened to her, a jury needs to know I guess more. It obviously wasn't enough for a jury to feel comfortable sentencing this woman to death," answered Lanclos.

While Lanclos said she doesn't think the outcome of the trial is a set back for organizations like hers, she hopes it will raise awareness for other children who could be in danger.

"Did anybody miss something, was there somebody that could have maybe protected her by contacting the local authorities? Could this have been prevented if there had been some sort of safe guard in place?" asked Lanclos.

Anthony was only found guilty on counts of lying to a law enforcement officer, she faces a maximum of four years in prison for the crime. Meanwhile, Caylee's death remains a mystery.



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