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Apr 23, 2012 7:40 PM by Jenise Fernandez

Rayne Mother Accused of Leaving Children Who Died in Fire Now Facing Second-Degree Murder Charges

Charges against a mother whose children died in a fire in Rayne are upgraded from negligent homicide to murder. Twenty-six-year-old Shaqueta Mcdade is accused of leaving her children - all under the age of 8 - alone Saturday night at their home on Edith Street. Her oldest son was not home at the time.
Rayne Police Chief Carroll Stelly says 26-year-old Shaqueta Mcdade was at a nightclub in Church Point and left her four children, eight- year-old Jamari Mcdade, seven-year-old Amous Mouton Jr., five-year-old Lashay Mcdade, and two-year-old Brian Steiner home alone.

"These were her children and she does have a responsibility on the whereabouts and welfare of these kids now she has face the consequences," said Stelly.

Friday, the night before the fire,Stelly says the police department found the kids alone when police responded a fight in the neighborhood. All four were taken to the police station where the mother and grandmother picked them up. Both said it was a misunderstanding.

"Mom was working late and had to work overtime and failed to tell the grandma to pick up the kids," said Stelly.

People in the neighborhood set up a memorial in front of the house, leaving flowers and toys. They say they're still in shock over what happened.

"I just thought why? Why my grand babies?"

Lashay and Brian's grandmother, Charlotte Steiner, rushed to the house when she heard what happened.

"From Jamari to Amous, they were all sweet kids," said Charlotte Steiner.

Shatyre Guillory's daughter used to play with the kids in the neighborhood. She says everyone is devastated.

"There's just nothing back here anymore, they really made the crowd. We don't hear basketballs anymore or anything like that," she added.



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