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May 3, 2014 10:31 PM by Kari Beal

Rally Held for Dog Shot by Sulphur Police Officer

A "Justice for Arzy" rally was held in Sulphur to shed light on the 14-month-old dog that was shot and killed by a Sulphur police officer this week. The death of the dog named Arzy brought over 200 people to Heritage Square.

"I had to come here to show I believe it's wrong. Most the people here believe it was wrong", says Westlake resident Susan Weaver.

One little girl even made a sign for the owner of the dog, Brandon Carpenter. The rally stems from an incident that happened in the Southwest Daily News parking lot on Monday at 7 a.m. Carpenter and his friend took refuge there because they were traveling by foot and it started to rain. A police officer showed up shortly after and arrested them for trespassing.

"He cuffed us and sat us down on the pavement. In that process he shot my dog," Carpenter said.

The officer, Brian Thierbach, claims the dog tried to bite him, but Carpenter disputes this and sayshis dog is extremely friendly. "After shooting the dog he was fighting a smile. He relished that I was in so much pain and anguish".

The circulation manager at the newspaper, Eric Midkiff, saw the incident. While he wasn't able to provide KATC with a comment, he told the Huffington Post "That dog did not bite that officer."

The background of that officer reveals a troubling past---KPLC reports officer Thierbach" was involved in a shooting back in 2010, when he was a state trooper. An investigation found he was justified in the incident. Then in April of last year, Thierbach was placed on administrative leave by state police, because troopers say he quote "posed a hazard to public service." Three days later, he resigned from state police and shortly after joined the Sulphur police department.

Many residents at the rally say they are not blaming the police department; they just want Thierbach to be fired.

"It's not who we are in Southwest Louisiana. I hope people know that, I really do," Weaver said.

"I will never get to see him. He was my best friend," Carpenter said.

Carpenter, who is visiting from Maine, says he not heading back home until he thinks justice is served for his four legged friend.

The Sulphur Police Department released a statement this week saying that they are investigating the shooting.

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