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Mar 21, 2014 11:42 PM by Alex Labat

Ragin Cajun Football Cheers on Basketball Team

Friday, Cajun Nation is still standing proud after the Cajuns performance in the NCAA tournament. The Cajuns falling short 76 to 66 in a very close game. And while Cajuns fans near and far parked themselves in front of their TV sets to cheer on their Ragin Cajuns, so too did some other Cajun athletes. At Chi Alpha on Ul's campus, the UL football team (and three time New Orleans Bowl champions), took a break from working out to cheer on some of their own. "We're all on the same page, they understand, they support us just as well. So we show the same love", says running back Alonzo Harris. The team rearranged their schedule in order to watch Bob Marlin's crew, some finding out that watching a game can be more nerve wracking than playing in one. "Last week when we played Georgia State, I was more nervous for that than any gametime situation I've ever been in. I'm definitely more nervous for that than for any gametime situation", says wide receiver James Butler.
Even thought the Cajuns fell short on the court, many I spoke to today say just playing for UL means you've already won. "Our team takes a lot of pride in it. You can tell the basketball team does as well as every other sport right now that's experiencing so much success. And that's why we really hope this community more than ever rallies behind this university. Because I still feel like we're nowhere even touched the surface of where we can take this university", says head coach Mark Hudspeth.


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