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Mar 10, 2013 10:26 PM by Alex Labat

Ragin Cajun Catholics Prepare for Tuesday's Conclave

As parishioners of Our Lady of Wisdom bow their heads in prayer during service this Sunday, some noticed there was something missing during the mass, like Samantha Hebert.

"The change I've noticed is that in the place that we pray for the pope...there's an absence. So I'll be happy when he have a Holy Father again", says Hebert.

However, Father Bryce Sibley is filling in the void left by the vacant seat by talking to churchgoers about what to expect come Tuesday.

Sibley says he's been discussing things such as, "The process of resignation, why this is a new thing. What the conclave is, what happens during the conclave. And even some of the papabili, the potential new popes".

Meanwhile, outside of the church, the "Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Council" is raising money for Ragin Cajun Catholics who are currently in training to become priests, some even in Rome where conclave will be taking place.

Sam Schexnider, a member of the council, says, "I think it's great that we have somebody here from Louisiana that's up there at the conclave in Rome, is able to experience it there and to come back and share it with us. I think it's great".

And while some are waiting anxiously to hear who the new pope will be, others have faith that the Catholic Church will make the right decision.

"I will be watching it. There is an app you can get that will let you know as soon as the white smoke comes up...and I'm probably not going to get it because I can wait until I wake up. If it happens at three o'clock in the morning I don't necessarily need to be woken up at that time to know", says Hebert.

If you would like to assist the Ragin Cajun Catholics, visit their website at or simply click here.


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