Mar 12, 2013 7:26 PM by Ragin Cajun Catholic Sees Conclave Firsthand

Ragin Cajun Catholic Sees Conclave Firsthand

Many people are watching proceedings on their televisions, but Patrick Broussard is watching it unfold in person.
Broussard attended the Cardinal's mass this morning, and was there to greet them as they left for the conclave.
There's a swarm of people hoping to see the white smoke when the new pope is elected.
"Any rooftop that has any sort of view of the Vatican...any space that they can possibly get there's media."
Broussard says his time in Rome has been special, especially being Catholic, and he's happy to have met a sitting pope. But Broussard says he's looking forward to what the next one will do for the church.
Broussard says although he had a strong suspicion smoke coming from the chimney would be black on the first vote, he says he's torn between being the in the square, or running to it when the smoke goes white.


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