Apr 15, 2013 7:36 PM by Chris Welty

Questions Raised About Lohse's Bail

Since Wade Lohse bonded out of the Lafayette Parish Jail, questions have surfaced about whether he should have been considered a flight risk.

Commissioner Thomas Frederick set bond but tells us he can't comment on pending or prior cases. Assistant District Attorney Jay Prather tells KATC when people are arrested, the DA's office isn't involved in the bond process unless it's "outrageous behavior." Prather says the D.A.'s office can ask a judge to increase bond but it's ultimately up to the judge.

Wade Lohse has bonded out of the Lafayette Parish Jail three times with the help of A ABail Bonds. Since April 2012, Lohse has racked up 50-thousand dollars of bonds paying the standard 12-percent, a total of roughly six thousand dollars out of pocket to bond out. Then the bonding company guarantees you for the remainder. Considering Lohse's history, why take a chance?

"We've bailed him out before, he's been good, he goes to court, he does everything until he walked off from this thing. Usually, that's the way it is. You stay on something, work with them for years and years, finally they screw you."

Gerold Burrow with A ABonding says its common for people to skip court and they usually catch 50-60% of people who miss their trial date.

"I have to be very careful about who I bond out. We do a lot of paperwork, we have a lot of people on staff, our own bounty hunter who tracks people down."

Burrow says if someone skips court, within thirty days, a forfeiture notice will be sent to the bonding company and they have 182 days to get the person back to court or jail before the bonding company has to pay the full bail back to the courts.

In the case of Wade Lohse, A ABail says Lohse did appear in court before fleeing and at this time, they will not have to forfeit Lohse's bail.

Vehicular Homicide Bond: $15,000----Lohse Paid out of Pocket $1,800

Burglary Bond: $15,000------Lohse Paid out of Pocket $1,800

Felon in Possession of a Firearm Bond: $20,000----Lohse Paid out of Pocket $2,400

Chris Welty


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