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Jul 26, 2012 7:29 PM by Steven Albritton

Purple Rice Being Grown in Louisiana

Blanca Isabel Purple Rice is unlike any other rice, and it's being grown right here in Louisiana. Rush Rice Products, LLC is producing the product that could help boost the economy and also make you healthier.

"This rice is unique in that it has health compounds that are not reported from any other rice compounds in the world. Compounds that are found in green tea where there are known to be health compounds, and also resveratrol which is health compound found red wine and red grapes and no other rice has had this reported," Dr. Milton Rush said.

The purple rice is 100% natural, not only that but this is the only type being grown anywhere in the world. In the past four months, they have sold 6500 of the 7500 bags they produced from the first harvest.

" We planted 10 acres last year. We're presently growing 30 acres this year and it looks like it's gaining notoriety and it's going to be a very popular variety around here," Fred Zaunbecher said.

Zaunbecher is part owner of  G, F & P Farms. He and his brothers decided to help the Rush Family out with their purple rice endeavor.

The rice has already been researched by the USDA for preventing cancer and lowering cholesterol, Ole Miss for the benefits of preventing heart disease, and also the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. They are looking for a link to preventing diabetes.

"We know that there's a health crisis in the United States, and we really want our rice to be on the frontier in helping people get healthier here in this country," Tomas Rush said.

To find out more about the purple rice visit www.purpleblackrice.com.


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