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Dec 4, 2012 11:35 PM by Steven Albritton

Public Comments on Fate of Old St. Luke's Hospital in Arnaudville

The old St. Luke's Hospital in Arnaudville could be turned into a French cultural immersion center in the very near future. Tuesday night, residents in the area had the chance to weigh in and ask questions about the proposed project. Almost everyone in attendance is excited for the possibility of this program coming to town, but many still had questions about how the building would change hands.

According to a copy of the ordinance, moving forward with the program would mean the property would be owned by both St. Martin and St. Landry Parishes. It would also dissolve the current hospital board. Current council members see a problem with parish government taking control.

"We want to see what you started here survive and thrive, but to do that you have to keep the politics out of it," St. Landry Parish Councilwoman Pam Gautreaux said.

She went on to say that future councils and parish presidents may not have the best interest of the building and the town, if it was controlled by the parishes. Not only that, but the fate of $1 million dollars in surplus tax must stay with the building. The public wants to make sure what they've already paid is properly used.

"We should be collecting something for these buildings to maintain themselves. We do not have to give them these million dollars," one resident said.

Many wanted concrete numbers of how the entire business plan would work. They hope the final plan will benefit the town of Arnaudville as a whole.

"That money should roll back into this district into our roads. Nothing has been said about our roads," another resident said.

Next up, both the St. Landry and St. Martin Parish council members will vote on the fate of the hospital.


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