Feb 15, 2013 8:04 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Pregnant passenger and husband relieved to be off of Triumph

Eric and Kayla Robles say being aboard Carnival's Triumph cruise ship was the worst vacation experience they ever had.

"That was so scary, we literally thought we were going to die," Kayla Robles said.

Kayla, who is six months pregnant, says she was terrified when the ship's engine caught fire, especially because their room was right above the engine.

"When you're walking down a hallway filled with smoke and you're trying to breathe and you're worrying if the baby's ok...It was horrifying," Robles said.

So the first thing they did when they got back home was go straight to the doctor's office. They had already missed one appointment due to being trapped on the ship.

"The baby was fine, I'm fine, so we're happy about that," Robles said.

But the memories of being on the ship for five days without electricity and rationed food will stick with them.

"They were long days and we only had emergency power. There really weren't lights that were working," Robles said.

"We had no power so they were giving us cold cuts," Kayla's husband, Eric Robles said.

"As time went by they figured how to get more power to the grills, so slowly but surely we got cooked food," he said.

Even though Carnival is offering vacation vouchers, Kayla and Eric say they'll never go on another cruise ship.

"I felt like it was my job as a husband to make sure that my wife and baby got home safe. So we're really happy to be here especially since we have three lives to take care of," said Eric Robles.



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