Apr 2, 2013 1:04 PM by Tonya LaCoste

Potential tenant for old Jeanerette Mills building

The City of Jeanerette has found a potential tenant to fill the old Jeanerette Mills building. Cabot Corporation, Mayor Timothy de'Clouet and the Board of Alderman have had fruitful meetings, and the company, a carbon black manufacturer, will open a distribution site after Cabot and city leaders hammer out a proposal. "From these meetings it is clear that the leaders of Cabot Corporation envision a permanent presence in the City of Jeanerette," de'Clouet said.

In Dec. 2010, the plant shut down after operating as a distribution center for Fruit of the Loom for 40 years. The mayor said Cabot Corporation's presence in Jeanerette will provide "much needed revenue directly to the City's coffers and will mean that there will be an increase in tax dollars, from the increase in business activity within the Cit of Jeanerette."

Cabot Corporation's headquarters is in Boston, MA. Although the company manufactures a variety of products, it mainly manufactures carbon black, which is used as a reinforcing agent in rubber and plastic products. The most common use of carbon black is in tires, but it's also used in other products, including wire, cable, plastics, codings, and inks. "Just about anything that's black," Ville Platte Cabot Corporation General Manager Mark Suellentrop said.

"Our people can celebrate that a publicly-traded company with a world-wide influence has chosen Jeanerette to locate one of its major operations," he said.

City Attorney Frank Barber is in constant contact with Cabot Corporation leaders. "Mayor de'Clouet has made it clear to me that he wants no fooling around and he wants this deal presented to the public without delay," he said.

The mayor says Cabot Corporation approached the city with a desire to form a long-term association with us. "Cabot will be here to stay. Cabot has poured many hours in investigating the logistics of this major move and has brought many of its decision makers to Jeanerette to smooth the progress of Cabot Corporation's move to Jeanerette," de'Clouet said.

Barber and de'Clouet are working on a deal between the company and the city. Cabot has proposed to lease the former building for a season, with the option to purchase the building in the future.

Mayor de'Clouet is optimistic that the finer details of the business arrangement can be worked out prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Alderman which is scheduled for Monday, April 8, 2013 at 6:30 p.m.

Once the final proposal is drafted it will be available to the public, with copies of the document available at City Hall, located at 1010 Main Street in Jeanerette.




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