Dec 20, 2013 5:32 PM by Daniel Phillips

Potential for Severe Weather for the Start of the Weekend

It was around this time last year that there was a severe weather outbreak, Christmas Day last year was accompanied by several tornadoes in the southeast. Almost a full year later we are sitting in a similar boat. 

The Storm Prediction Center has us listed as a moderate risk for severe weather on Saturday. Strong upper level winds will move across Acadiana Saturday evening providing the energy needed for some severe storms. 

Temperatures have been well above average the last few days and highs anticipated to be in the upper 70s on Saturday. Warm and muggy conditions will mean that the atmosphere is relatively unstable and only needing a trigger for storms to start firing up. 

That trigger will arrive Saturday evening in the form of a cold front that is moving across the west currently and will be more then enough to get thunderstorms to start rising up. The abundance of moisture in the atmosphere means that heavy down pours will accompany those thunderstorms. 

The main concern will be strong winds (20-25 mph with stronger gusts) and a chance for isolated tornadoes, mainly in central Louisiana and areas to the north. Make sure that you are staying aware of any watches and warning that may be in effect Saturday. 

The stronger weather looks to move in late afternoon/early evening Saturday but could continue up to midnight and the early hours of Sunday. So those who will be traveling to New Orleans for the Cajun game will want to get an early start and think about staying the night. 

Storms shouldn't be quite as strong south of I-10 as those areas will fall under an influence from the Gulf of Mexico, but residents should still stay aware with what is going on and be ready for severe weather. 


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