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Jan 20, 2012 9:55 PM by Maddie Garrett

Police Say Mother Tried to Drown Children

Sunset Police arrested a woman Friday afternoon for allegedly trying to drown her three children. She's now in the St. Landry Parish Jail charged with Second Degree Attempted Murder, while police said her children are safe in State custody.

It started last December when police said 31-year-old Hailey Schramm told a Sunset Library employee she was having suicidal thoughts. She was taken to Opelousas General Hospital, where police said Schramm later admitted to trying to drown her three children, ages 9, 6 and 3, the night before.

"After it was said and done, they basically said 'yeah momma had us in the bathtub Friday night, she attempted to drown us but didn't do it,' you know," said Sunset Police Chief Alexcie Guillory, Sr.

Guillory said Child Protective Services took custody of the children and over the course of a month conducted interviews to find out exactly what happened.

"With the statements that the kids made to these professionals, at that point I had enough evidence where I could go ahead and get an arrest report to arrest this lady," said Guillory.

Matt Latiolias lives down the street from the Schramm house and said while he didn't know the mother personally, he knew of their family.

"Dad wasn't there all the time, like I said, it shocked me, but not in the manner of not seeing it coming, that kind of thing," explained Latiolias.

He said while the incident is saddening, unfortunately it's not all that uncommon these days.

"You hear about it all the time, a baby found in a dumpster, garbage can, a while back a mother killed her children. I'm glad this one wasn't able to follow through with it for whatever reason, I'm glad the children are ok," said Latiolias.



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