Dec 28, 2012 11:41 PM by Steven Albritton

Pitbull Back Home After Being Shot By Deputies

The last few days for the Meche family have been very difficult. Not only hoping their dog makes a full recovery, but also explaining to their kids why their dog was shot. Ace is lucky to be alive after getting shot three times almost a week ago by Vermilion Parish Deputies. Britney Meche, Ace's owner, tells us a neighbor called police about a dog on the loose. When police arrived at her home, they asked if her dog was on a leash. She checked on her dog. When she returned, police had gone around the side of her house. Police say the dog wasn't on a leash. The family says the animal got off the porch realizing someone strange was in his territory. However, deputies say the dog jumped off the porch and was aggressively barking and growling. That's when deputies opened fire.

"While that was happening, I was right behind the dog going after it. You know scared for my life. What if I could have gotten shot? They were shooting in my direction," Britney Meche said.

Ace was hit three times and was taken to the Veterinary E.R. Roy Meche, Brittany's husband, wasn't home at the time but says his dog has never hurt anyone.

"I told them that's nuts because about five of my neighbors around me, all of their kids play with him," Roy Meche said.

"He's a good dog. We've had him since he was five years old. He grew up with my daughter, our three year old. They love each other," Britney Meche said.

The damage was already done. Meche's daughter was inside when the shooting happened. She says she is now scared of fireworks and wonders why this happened to their dog.

"It's been four or five days and he's doing good. He's home. That's what matters," Britney Meche said.

The Vermilion Parish Sheriff released a statement today saying, "it is not their practice to shoot animals in violation of the leash ordinance." Sheriff Mike Couvillion stands by his deputies and their actions as a means of protecting themselves.


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