Dec 18, 2013 9:08 AM by Cecilia Stevenson

Pets 12/18/13


BEHAVIORAL information on dogs/cats (such as digging, jumping over fence, aggression, dog who runs off, storm anxiety, cat litterbox issues, etc)

The library has Cesar Milan dvd (from Animal Planet) and dog and cat training library books to emphasize you can get free training info in detail.

Treats to keep them busy:
Try the Kong toy - he digs for the snack, use peanut butter. Kong toy comes in all different sizes.
Good fillers include canned dog food, carrots, cheese cubes, cream cheese,
Cheez Whiz, peanut butter, liver or chicken treats.
Put in freezer to put in kennel when you're at work. He will lick and work at it until he falls asleep.
Outside: Fill a small bucket with water and chicken stock, toys, treats, carrots, etc. Keeps them busy.


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