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Mar 25, 2011 8:06 PM by Carolyn Cerda

Perjury Investigation, Suspect Maintains Innocence

A Breaux Bridge police detective is being investigated for lying while under oath in an armed robbery case. Detective Raymond Calais could face perjury charges, after testifying at a hearing Wednesday.

"I am convinced, whether it was intentional or otherwise, this officer gave testimony that was not correct or accurate," said Assistant District Attorney, Chester Cedars.

Det. Calais testified that the victim accidentally witnessed the suspect being interrogated by detectives, then was asked to pick the suspect from a photographic lineup.

The suspect in the case, Stephan Barker was arrested September 22 for allegedly robbing Russell's Food Mart. He maintains his innocence. He was released on bail after Wednesdays hearing, six months after his arrest.

"It's a great relief a great stress off of my shoulders," said Stephan.

"I was elated," said Lisa Barker, Stephan's mother. "He (Calais) framed my son."

Lisa says she was shocked and relieved when Det. Calais' testimony came under fire. She says for the past six months, she's been trying to provide evidence that her son was not guilty.

The victim who identified Stephan in the photo lineup was a clerk at the gas station that was robbed. He testified that Det. Calais called him on the day of the interrogation, and even picked him up and brought him to a room to watch the questioning.

Lisa says administrative leave is not enough punishment for the detectives actions.

"I want criminal charges pressed against him," said Lisa. "I would love to see him spend six months in jail."

The Barkers say charges against Stephan could be dropped in July, if prosecutors don't find more evidence against him in the case.

"If you know you're innocent in your heart, don't accept anything less than release," said Stephan.

Meantime, the Cedars say his office will decide whether or not to charge Det. Calais with perjury, once the investigation is complete. He also says the incident will not stop prosecutors from pursing the armed robbery charges on Stephan.

"Well it's going to impact the case," said Cedars. "It's certainly not going to result in the dismissal of the case.
I believe that there's substantial evidence that this defendant (Stephan) committed the crime at issue."



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