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Oct 21, 2010 7:24 AM by Jim Hummel and Nichole Larkey

Paul Collins Junior Captured

After more than a day of canvassing Saint Martinville by ground and even air, both by day, and night. It was around 8:30 Wednesday night when deputies got the tip they were waiting for. Paul Collins Junior, spotted, walking the streets of Saint Martinville.

Maj. Ginny Higgins said, "We received a tip that there may have been a possible sighting of him in the neighborhood and it was on church street."

The location on Church Street is just two blocks away from the Saint Martin Parish jail where Collins escaped Tuesday and the man on Church Street was indeed Collins.

"Deputies were in the area already and they saturated to spot him as he crawled underneath a home. He was given several commands to come out, but he failed to comply," said Maj. Ginny Higgins.

Deputies say the home he crawled under on Church Street was a random home. This was not a case of someone harboring a fugitive, a fugitive whose time on the run had run out.

"They sent in a k-9 under the home and he failed to comply then after some more verbal commands he exited from underneath the house and he was apprehended without incident."

In connection with his escape from here at the Saint Martin parish jail, Collins is facing charges of aggravated escape and aggravated second degree battery. In light of his arrest last night, he's now added criminal trespassing and resisting arrest to the list.



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