Apr 18, 2013 7:58 AM by Kristen Holloway

PASA Play It Again Instrument Recycling Program

Musical instruments collecting dust? Now through the end of April, you can donate your gently-used musical instruments. The Performing Arts Society of Acadiana is hosting their "Play It Again Instrument Recycling Program." The agency collects old musical instruments to be reused in Acadiana band programs. One Lafayette band director says this recycling program is the reason his band has grown so big over the years.

Imagine a band with only a clarinet and a flute, Band Director James Balkenhol says that's all he had to work with at Alice Boucher Elementary just six years ago, but because of The Performing Arts Society of Acadiana and their "Play It Again Instrument Recycling Program" He now has over $50,000 worth of instruments.

"When it comes to PASA and everything that they given to my band, it basically created my band. if I don't have instruments, I don't have kids," said Balkenhol.

For those who may not be able to afford it, PASA helps fill the gap getting instruments in the hands of as many Acadiana children as possible.

"So far I've seen trumpets, flutes, clarinets, saxophones and those instruments looked pretty bad when I first got them. There was a lot of mold and things were broken in half but once the instruments were fixed at Lafayette music they came back like a brand new instrument in excellent condition," said Balkenhol.

"We can almost always repair them and make them playable. This giving these children an opportunity and thats what the goal is," said Lafayette Music Company Raymond Goodrich.

PASA director Sarah Brown says her goal is to give an instrument to any child who wants to play.

"Any child that has the desire to be in band should have that opportunity. I think that we can all be excited about that, so we just want to provide as many children in Lafayette Parish the opportunity when the desire is there," said PASA Development Director.

If you would like to donate your gently used instruments, donations will be accepted at the following partner locations: Lafayette Music 3700 Johnston Street, C&M Music Center 5427 Johnson Street, Prof Erny's Music 1508 South College Road, E's Kitchen 1921 Kaliste Saloom Rd.

If you have a larger instrument and need assistance dropping it off call PASA at 337.237.2787 and ask to speak with Sarah Brown.
All donations are tax deductible and donors will receive written documentation of their gift.



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