Dec 23, 2009 8:30 PM by Sarah Rosario

Part of Eunice Landmark Burned

Part of rice mill in downtown Eunice is burned to pieces after a fire last night. It happened around 10pm at the corner of C.C. Duson Drive and East Vine Ave. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

The building is called the Eunice rice mill but it's owned by Louisiana rice mill. Its been out of operation for a few years so no one was hurt in the fire. The building has since been used for storage. Among many things it holds tractors and lots of documents. Firemen said they're glad they caught it when they did because the fire could have been much worse.

Eunice Fire Captain, Kal Landry said, "its probably one of the first pieces of industry for the city."
The Eunice rice mill has been a staple for the city for more than 50 years. The building will now serves as memory because part of it is now destroyed.

Landry said the flames were coming up out of the top of the building. It took one hour, two fire engines and firefighter on ladders to contain the fire. The majority of the damage is at the front of the building. The remains are an unrecognizable office and charred papers. Officials said they're not sure if the papers hold any importance.

Landry said the owner stopped by Wednesday morning and is not sure what to do with the building. It's now severely smoke damaged, and there's no one to blame it on. "The chief is talking to different people and the investigation is ongoing," said Landry.

Eunice Fire officials said because of the holidays, it could be two weeks before they finish their investigation.

Sarah Rosario



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