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Nov 13, 2012 7:23 PM by Jenise Fernandez

PART 2: A New Family Court Program is Helping Parents Sober Up

Angela Morgan and Todd Romero reached their breaking point after their youngest child Sophie tested positive for cocaine the day she was born. The Department of Children and Family Services stepped in removing all three of their children and sending them to live with Todd's mother.

"When it first happened I was angry and mad and wanted to hurt the person who told, but now I'm thankful," said Morgan.

The couple was allowed to visit Sophie and her brother, Johah, and sister, Kylie. Angela and Todd began outpatient treatment, seeing a therapist several times a week and drug tested twice a week. But with failed drug test after failed drug test, they were on the verge of losing their family forever.

"The team and DCFS kept telling me, 'Angela you have no more chances left, you've been in the program too long,'" said Angela.

Reaching the end of their rope, Angela and Todd checked into treatment centers eight months ago. She in Shreveport, staying there for six months and Todd was treated in houston for three months. The two were apart, but had the same goal: clean up and get their family back.

"We never thought we'd see the day when we'd be clean and sober and we'd get our kids back," said Angela.

That day finally came. Angela and Todd been clean for 7 months and have full custody of their children.The oldest, five-year-old Jonah, couldn't be happier, finally knowing what it means to have a family.

"I'm happy, happy! And now they are nice to each other," said Jonah.

A big difference compared to when his parents were strung out.

"I remember them hollering and screaming and being mean to each other," said Jonah, remembering what it was like when his parents were still using.

The Romero's have a new house, with brand new furniture, all donated to them. And Jonah's favorite part? A room all to himself.

"It feels fun and good to be in my own room," said Jonah.

It's a new life for the Romero family, but a past they'll never forget. Todd and Angela hope their children will learn from their struggles and know how much they're loved.

"I think there'll learn from mom and dad that we went through the extreme to get them back. That they are more important than what we were doing," said Todd.

Wednesday night, hear the final part of the Romero's story. They credit a new court program to helping them sober up and get their lives back on track.




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