Jul 22, 2014 11:54 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Parents, Teachers Sue Gov. Jindal Over Common Core

For the second day in a row, another lawsuit has been filed over Common Core in Louisiana. It's suing Governor Bobby Jindal, and was filed on behalf of parents and teachers who are in favor of the new education standards.
Supporters of Common Core said he's overstepping his legal authority and tampering with education policy. Last month, Jindal suspended contracts associated with Common Core testing, as a way to get Common Core out of Louisiana.
However, Monday, state lawmakers who oppose the standards filed suit against the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, known as BESE, and the state education department, saying they didn't properly enact Common Core.
The dispute leaves standardized testing in limbo, just a few weeks before school begins. For teachers, there's concern when it comes to the future of Common Core in Louisiana.

"I think it's important that teachers know where they're going, and what they have to do for the year, and so we shouldn't be in limbo. We should know at this point exactly, what we need to do for our students," said Danielle Jackson, a teacher at Acadian Middle School.

The dispute between Governor Jindal and BESE has put the brakes on standardized testing plans for third through eighth grades. Teachers like Breyone Carter support common core standards, and feels it's too close to the school year to switch gears.

"I feel like we just wouldn't have enough time to plan. The quality of education would be at stake," said Carter, who's a teacher at Acadian Middle.

But some lawmakers are trying to stop Common Core. Seventeen of them filed a lawsuit on Monday, which says the state education board didn't follow Louisiana law when implementing the new standards in the classrooms. If Common Core standards and curriculums were to leave Louisiana, some would be okay with that.

"My son was in private school. It's way different from what they taught in private school, and it's way different from what I had. It seems like everything is the long way, so I'm kind of freaked out a little bit," said parent Morganne Joseph.

"You have some that are for it, and some that are against it. I don't feel that it's a smart move, not only for our state, but for our country," said Bridget Alfonso, a parent.


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